Photo of clouds Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources

Information for Applicants - Before You Apply

Learn about the purpose of RTCAR, the kinds of programs we support, the size of the grants we make, the timing of our grant cycle and the number of grants you may apply for at any one time.

Grant Size

Small Grants ($500 to $20,000) – For planning, capacity and project-specific proposals:

  • Planning grants help develop project concepts. Funds can be used for office and meeting expenses, planning consultants, travel, and other costs related to outreach.
  • Capacity grants enhance the education and skills in the preservation and management of artisan resources. Expenses could include workshops, training, planning, and research.
  • Small, project-specific programs must reflect RTCAR's funding objectives.

Large Grants ($20,000 and higher) – Available for carefully planned major projects that demonstrate a high probability of creating a lasting impact on the RTCAR funding objectives.

Limit to the Number of Applications
Organizations may apply for one grant from each category (small and large). For example, you could apply for a planning grant from the small grants category and a project-specific grant from the large grants category.

Project Period

  • Projects may be funded for up to three consecutive years.
  • The lead entity/grantee cannot request additional funding from the same grant category (small or large grant) less than 12 months after a previous grant has been approved , except with prior agreement by the RTCAR project director.
  • Grant payments will be made upon approval of the project and annually thereafter (in the case of subsequent grants) upon receipt and approval of required progress and financial reports.

Other Grant Application Criteria

Preference will be given to projects that have multiple and/or new sources of support (including in-kind). RTCAR cannot be the sole source of resources (direct and indirect) for a proposed project.

Still Not Sure?

If, after reading this information, you still are not sure if you should apply for a grant, call David Cozzo, RTCAR Project Director, at 828-554-6856.