Photo of clouds Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources

Recent RTCAR funded projects



Center for Craft

Swain Arts Center

Conserving Carolina

Chattooga Conservancy

Western Carolina University

Haywood Waterways


Chattooga Conservancy
To manage and monitor the Native Cane Restoration Project in Sumter National Forest

Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority
To promote and preserve Cherokee Culture and copper artistry techniques

Cherokee Central Schools
To enhance the cultural arts experience at Cherokee High School

Swain Arts Center
To support Swain Arts Center’s Summer Cultural Arts Camp for older elementary school students

New Kituwah Academy
To provide shared language learning, traditional gardening methods, food preparation, and edible native plant knowledge with New Kituwah Academy students

EBCI Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program
To incorporate traditional artistry into the lives of domestic violence/sexual assault victims as a means of reconnecting with their culture


Asheville Art Museum
To raise awareness of historical and contemporary Cherokee craft in Asheville and the region through
exhibits of Cherokee art

Cherokee Cooperative Extension
To expand education and cultural knowledge through hands-on experiences in traditional arts and
culture for youth in Cherokee

Chattooga Conservancy
To initiate the restoration of seven acres of river cane at a historic Cherokee town site

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum
To complete invasive species eradication on the Shoreline Trail at the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

Asheville Art Museum
To implement an exhibit highlighting the works of contemporary Cherokee potters

Watershed Association of the Tuckasegee River
To promote growing and harvesting of river cane and educating the public about the historical, cultural,
and ecological benefits of cane.

Cherokee High School
To support the basketmaking program at the High School and enhance the practice of Cherokee pottery
at Cherokee High School.

Snowbird Community Library
To establish a stronger representation in the collection, and for decoration and program offerings by
Snowbird Library.


Handmade in America
To develop and present a certificate program in building industry for Cherokee artists

Oconaluftee Institute of Cultural Arts
To expose OICA students and the Cherokee community to new art skills and approaches to art.

Cherokee High School
To introduce CHS students to work with silver and copper and develop a public art project for the school

Cherokee High School
This project will continue to support the education of the next generation of Cherokee basketmakers by
having a master basketmaker in the classroom.

Bent Creek Institute at the North Carolina Arboretum
To increase sochan production and distribution on the Qualla Boundary

Hiawassee River Watershed Coalition
To raise awareness and educate Cherokee county residents about river cane and increase harvesting
agreements with landowners.

EBCI Kituwah Preservation and Education Program
To build a nature trail at the Kituwah Immersion School